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Oh Man

I was about to vote 0 after I let the loop run out for 5 or 6 times, but then the actual movie started any I was blown away. Amazing graphics, amazing sound, amazing humour...it really took me to a higher plane of existence. Thanks for making such a masterpiece, I'm looking forward to the sequel!

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I rarely get this pumped up

This movie sent volumes of unknown volatile fluids out of every one of my orafices. It usually takes me hours to get this excited from watching Full House, and days from watching two 6-year old siamese twins seperate themselves, oddly enough attached by the scrotum, by gnawing away the excess skin. Good work StrangeClock, good HARD work to be correct. My favorite part about this movie was the interactive software you implanted; do I smell a hint of C++? The plot, nothing short of cockwrenching. The character development, only my dead daughter could say nothing positive. All this came together to eclipse my orgasm from breakfast in a new enlightenment of this afternoon.

I thank you for invigorating such emotions.

StrangeClock responds:

Your dead daughter did lay with the town vicar

I am sorry to have to bring you this sad news ;(

Happy Clock Day


I can't even comprehend how you do most of that in flash. The animation with that cloud thing was so smooth and life-like, it was heart snatching. You're obviously very gifted and I can't wait to see what you decorate our lives with next.

Also, the reviewer before me is an idiot. Enough said.

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This is the most messed up thing I have ever seen, you sir are a genious, and that means alot because I usually never compliment anyone.


I was winning but then I was pressing the buttons so fast and hard I had a seisure so thats why I gave it a four, maybe but different levels in it.

neeeeeeeeeed ice

I am disapointed

I Can't believe you stole that from me! EVERYBODY, I sent this to Tom for help on compressing the file and he set it as his own work, the things he intends to add won't work since he only has the .swf file and not .fla

CarrotClock responds:

Yes, I admit it. Hot off the heels of "yoinkfs gets yoinked", DaveWKhaos spent the past week reproducing League Bowling in Flash. After placing some references to NEWGROUNDS.COM as well as the NG tank logo in the ending, he emailed me the .swf for help.

Since I had been lying to everyone for the past few months about how I was making a Neo Geo game in Flash, I decided this was the perfect opportunity to cover up my ongoing sham... So I stole it and posted it as my own! Hahahaha! I r00l!


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